was founded in April 2019.

My passion for interior design is the driving force behind this business.
I am particularly attracted to antique furniture and objects, which have a unique authenticity.
My husband has been a seasoned second-hand dealer for over 20 years and owns a second-hand shop in town, which allowed me to immerse myself in the exciting world of vintage.

The site offers a selection of carefully chosen items.
These pieces were discovered during treasure hunts at flea markets or acquired during house clearing services, an activity that is carried out jointly with my husband.
The latter allows objects to be given a second life, while helping people to dispose of their belongings responsibly.

Brocante Déco, offers a variety of authentic objects, highlighting their history and their unique charm. Each item tells of its past, bringing a touch of originality and character to any interior.
I believe in the value of old pieces and their ability to create a warm and personalized atmosphere in a living space.
Thanks to my passion and my website brocantedé, I offer decoration lovers an opportunity to find unique treasures to embellish their interior.

These items can also be used to accessorize film, theater or storefront sets.

Patricia - Esprit Home déco

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