Old faience dinette | Longwy Terre de Fer | Old toys
Old faience dinette | Longwy Terre de Fer | Old toys

Sold out - Old faience dinette | Longwy Terre de Fer | Old toys

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This superb old dinette will complete a collection of old toys or a decoration.

See its detailed description below.


This dinette is in fairly good condition.

Presence of traces of use and a few small cracks and / or small bumps or manufacturing defect on the edges on certain parts the whole is visible on the photos .

Cream-colored dinette with a dark old rose floral decoration with a nice crackle.

All the pieces that make up this dinette are available in the visuals and we have taken great care to show them to you on all sides,

Unless we are mistaken, you shouldn't have any unpleasant surprises upon receipt.

Please view the many photos available for details.

Small dinette found in an attic, in a crate, placed in a jumble with the only protection of old pieces of newspaper dating from 1949.

Note that the small tureen has a broken handle and its lid is missing.

The small glass or transparent vase, the egg cup, the small blue glass salt cellar as well as the small forks, were present in the case and you are naturally joined to this dinette.

This dinette is composed of:

  • 1 Soup tureen (broken handle)

height 5 cm - diameter: 10.5 cm

  • 1 salad bowl or jate

Height: 5.5 cm - Diameter: 12.5 cm

  • 1 Plate on foot

Height: 3.2 cm - Diameter: 14 cm

  • 3 Large flat plates, 2 of which have 1 crack

Diameter: 14.3 cm

  • 1 Round dish

Diameter: 16.5 cm

  • 1 Oval dish

Length: 13.7 cm - Width: 8.4 cm

  • 6 small flat plates with a decoration of 2 flowers, 4 of which have cracks

Diameter: 12.3 cm

  • 1 Small flat plate with 3 flowers decoration

Diameter: 12 cm

  • 9 Large soup plates

Diameter: 14.2 cm

  • 1 glass egg cup stamped "PORTIEU" underneath with small manufacturing defects in the glass.

Height: 4.5 cm - Diameter 3 cm

  • 1 Saleron with cracks or manufacturing defect in the glass?

Height: +/- 5 cm - Length: +/- 6.5 cm

  • 1 Small glass or clear glass vase

Height: 3.7 cm - Diameter: 2 cm

  • 7 Small metal forks showing oxidation, 1 of which is separate.

Length: 13.8 cm

Decorative idea or use:

This superb old dinette will complete a dinette or a collection of old toys.

Ideal for a collection or decoration of a universe of old toys.

This item is a used item, sold as is.

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